Glowing Review for Macbeth!

Our new friend Haydn Radford had a lot to say about The Little Fish; you can check the full review out here!!

Here are some of our favourite bits!!

"The performances by the young cast of Macbeth are marvellous as they explore the complex characters. Just as the main characters are superb in their roles the supporting cast are also terrific."

"Isabella, Phoebe and Bianca are superb as three attractive, sensually dressed young witches wearing war paint and are equally as foreboding, dangerous and menacing as any witches before them."

"Roan Redelinghuys as Macbeth is engaging, powerful, brooding and intense."

Great job everyone!!! We are so looking forward to our final show at Kay Brother's Winery next Friday 28th June! Tickets are running very low, bookings are essential! Book here  or check out the Facebook Event!

Mark Drury, Isabella Shaw and Alice Edgley.
Mark Drury, Isabella Shaw and Alice Edgley.